The game

In Runes of Brennos, you take control of a mighty druid seeking to seize power. Draw magical runes on the screen and see their power vanquish your opponents. Memorize and harness combos as you develop your skills. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the runes to unleash their full potential. The road to power is a dangerous one, but with the right combination of strategy and skill the throne could be yours!

An early version of the game has been released for Pc and Mac on Steam Early Access. We also have a special version for Leap Motion.

The Early Access program on Steam allows us to test an early version of the game and collect all the information we need to improve and expand the experience.


• An exciting single player compaign
• Online multiplayer matches
• 10 unique levels to fight in
• 15 magical powers
• An extensive gameplay tutorial
• Gesture based gameplay
• Great graphics using the Unity engine
• High replay value

Steam Early Access

Runes of Brennos is currently available on Steam Early Access. As gamers we are big fans of an open approach to game development. To create the best game possible we want to let the gaming community participate in the decision-making. We plan to actively engage with the players and are open to feedback and suggestions.


The game is set in an alternative version of history. In 375 BCE the Gallic chieftain Brennos destroys Rome using the power of magical runes. The Roman domination of Europe never happened. In its place is an unstable Celtic-Germanic empire in which druids of different clans fight for political power. Battles take place in temple-arenas all over Europe and are fought with magical runes.

You are a young druid, dreaming of glory and power. One day you hope to defeat all the other druids in battle and claim the empire as your own.